This book is a must-read for all leaders who want to foster a more productive, rewarding, and harmonious work environment that is good for all generations. It explains the root causes of our differences and puts to rest often-repeated myths about generational behaviors.”

— George Borst, CEO, Toyota Financial Services, Board of Trustees, PIMCO


One of the top reasons Millennials leave jobs is due to poor management. Millennials choose to work for and stay with “employers whose values reflect their own.” They place a higher emphasis on purpose as opposed to growth or profits. The three best ways for companies to provide a sense of long-term loyalty are identifying, understanding, and aligning with their values; supporting Millennials’ ambitions and professional development, and having a mentor. Additionally, the strongest ways to attract—and keep—the best working Millennials include a simple and sophisticated digital presence, and promoting a company climate that is positive and team-oriented.

Second-Wave Millennials reveals:

  • Five ways to craft an ideal workplace for all generations

  • The seven primary traits of Millennials

  • Four lifestyle themes that make up the core of a Millennial’s identity