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The Keys to Understanding Millennials

Learn what makes Millennials different from Baby Boomers and Generation X. Communicating, motivating and managing Millennials effectively in the workplace reduces turnover and increases engagement. Warren's speeches inform and motivate you to act. Contact Warren now.

“Warren hits a home run with his insights and back-up data designing strategies to maximize the Millennial workforce. Any organization would benefit from his expertise.”

– Tom Pickett, NOVA SHRM Talent Development Leader

“Warren is a natural when it comes to relating to his audience. He can break down complex concepts into easily understood ideas, leaving his audience with a clear understanding of what he is working to convey.”

– Rob Krohn, Director of Marketing, Epcon Communities

Sample of Recent Speech Topics:

Second-Wave Millennials

Younger Millennials differ from their older siblings, we can teach you how.

The Millennial Footprint on Media and Entertainment

Learn about how Millennials are shaping pop culture and our everyday lives.

The Fourth Turning

How will Generational trends impact our society over the next 20 years?

The Lifestyle Preferences of Millennials

The latest trends shift quickly. Let us help you navigate a changing economy.

How to Reduce Turnover for Millennials and Gen-Z

Learn the management techniques that build trust with your newly-hired employees.

Communication Strategies for All Generations

Leverage the strengths of your workaholics, pragmatists, and digital-natives.

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